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Capella University Reviews of Bachelor's in Information Technology

20 Reviews

Locations:   Minneapolis (MN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,148

71% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
60% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Information Technology

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Information Technology

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Troy B Bodrero

Reviewed: 9/10/2020

Degree: Information Technology

STAY AWAY if you don't want to waste your money and through thousands of dollars out the window. The Instructors do not care, do not respond for help, the Tutor's do not care and do as little as possible to get what they are paid to do. Please do yourself a favor and select ANYONE Else.


Reviewed: 11/7/2019

Degree: Information Technology

Capella University is not a school, it is a business, and they will seek to lure you in and trap you with hidden charges. I was halfway, HALFWAY, through a semester being paid for with student loans when Capella called me up saying I needed to pay $700 right then and there or would be dropped. I'm not made of money, what do you think the student loans were for?? I tried to drop the class to save myself any trouble, since I didn't have $700 and wasn't going to any time soon, they said it was too late... Read More

Chad Heal

Reviewed: 9/16/2018

Degree: Information Technology

I did NOT graduate. With a family and too high of income at the time I cannot get any more financial aid. I also have applied for jobs in my field, but say I have no experience or am NOT qualified. I had 30 credits left and trying to work, and do school was impossible since all they want is money. They changed my program 5 times in the 5.5 years I went there part and full time, and even no time and took off because of financial aid. I'll look to get my credits transferred to another college to finish.... Read More

Audrey Scripp

Reviewed: 7/9/2018

Degree: Information Technology

I will tell every right now, save your money and go elsewhere. I am currently fighting a case against them adding more "required courses" in their flexpath program because they stated the required courses for their information technology major changed. I will be calling the Minnesota Higher Education offices tomorrow morning. It might be an accredited college, however, it is not worth the hassle, time, and money that goes into dealing with this school. Maybe their more expensive and regular college... Read More

Dissatisfied Student

Reviewed: 12/11/2017

Degree: Information Technology

So I have attended Capella for a year as a IT major. The one thing I have found is that while some of their basic courses were of an okay quality their IT courses are a joke. I turned in several assignments that were intentionally of a very poor quallity and was still given an A. So if you want a degree with little to no meaning behind it this is an great school however I am leaving in favor of self education and obtaining certifications while building a portfolio to demonstrate my capabilities.


Reviewed: 8/31/2017

Degree: Information Technology

I'm fairly a new student and currently taking my 7th class there. I was nervous at first going back to school since haven't been in such an environment in decades. I decided to go back to get a degree in what I currently have as a career: Information Technology. Having been an instructor in the IT field myself and having gotten various technical certifications over the years, I didn't think I'd learn anything new. I was wrong and actually enjoy the fact that a lot of the courses I've taken so far... Read More

Always Learning

Reviewed: 6/2/2017

Degree: Information Technology

I am currently enrolled with Capella's Flex Path programin and my experience has been great so far. I love being able to take control of my academics, allowing myself the time to research, implement, and create assessments accordingly. I do not feel pushed or rushed when it comes to submitting school work; To note, there are reminders, but for me, the serve as a push to continue chugging. Further, I may not be where I want to be right, but with the help of Capella University, I know i"ll be able... Read More

Perfect for work/life balance

Reviewed: 5/30/2017

Degree: Information Technology

I would highly recommend Capella for any person who thinks work/life balance and going to school is impossible. I transferred from a prestigious New England College that caters to young adults with rich parents. I am a veteran with a family and work full time. It wasn't until I transferred to Capella that I could actually envision completing my degree. The reason being, the professors go above and beyond to help you if you don't understand, fall behind or just need some extra motivation. The academic... Read More

Carl Stanfield

Reviewed: 3/22/2017

Degree: Information Technology

Capella University is pioneering the way people can learn online. I used the FlexPath system and was able to complete my BS in 2 years. It provided me the flexibility to continue working full time and earn my degree. The courses are in depth and challenging as well. What I was able to learn I was able to apply in real-life situations regularly.

Chad Heal

Reviewed: 2/11/2017

Degree: Information Technology

I started part time in 2011 and with 30 credits to complete in 2017 left have exhausted financial aid. They will not work with me and just want money. The staff is either grading to easy or too hard, knowing my skill level. It was good at the beginning but now near the end they have no interest in allowing me to complete my degree. I cannot help that I work and have a family to support, they do not care. The coursework is easy but the technology in the classroom is sometime out of date and doesn't... Read More


Reviewed: 12/3/2016

Degree: Information Technology

Overall a good experience- for students who are self-starters and goal-oriented, the classes offered can work quite well. On the other hand, if you are a student who needs more supervision and/or assistance from professors this might not be a good fit. While most of the instructors seemed quite competent in their chosen field, the nature of online classes in general and the format used by Capella in particular would probably make learning more difficult for those without a solid educational foundation.... Read More


Reviewed: 8/18/2016

Degree: Information Technology

I decided to pursue a Bachelors degree and spent many hours online researching schools that best fit my busy life and my professional goals. Capella was one of the many schools I researched and from the moment I talked with an enrollment counselor I knew that this was the place for me. I have encountered some of the best people along my journey and am looking forward to graduating in December of this year. I have referred many people to Capella and plan to continue my own education with them in the... Read More

Tina Maria

Reviewed: 5/6/2016

Degree: Information Technology

I would highly recommend the B.S. in Information Technology degree residing within the School of Business and Technology Department. However, I would not ever recommend any of the School of Education programs. There is a huge difference in learning experience and treatment by professors. I was in my second graduate class in 2008 and I was in week seven. The professor was just now grading the beginning of week three assignments. I received a 4.0 for my undergraduate work and and "A" for my first graduate... Read More

Frustrated in Mass

Reviewed: 3/30/2016

Degree: Information Technology

I decided in 2013 to complete my degree that I had started some 20 years ago. I transferred a ton of credits so only had like 18 courses to complete. I was trucking along taking 1 course a semester to avoid burn out working full time and doing school work. In June of 2015 I was the subject of a downsize at work after working there for 8 years. I plugged along with classes while attempting to secure work. For some reason It was difficult to secure work then I had a series of personal issues come piling... Read More


Reviewed: 2/15/2015

Degree: Information Technology

I have found all of my professors to be extremely knowledgeable and the coursework to be relevant. My professors have Doctorate degrees from renowned institutions and some are actively involved in professional groups. I am happy with the education I am receiving and believe I will have the knowledge to actually meet or exceed the expectations for the roles I will apply for. I am not using financial aid, a loan which I am required to pay back, to supplement my income. I am currently employed and spend... Read More


Reviewed: 1/21/2015

Degree: Information Technology

There's alot of complaining here, but I still agree with what some people have said. You only get what you put into school. Regarding the professors never assisting, mine have always been there. Mine have given me opportunities when I turned in an assignment late with no penalty. My grading criteria was extremely thorough. It was rare that I got a "good job". I got a detailed explanation of what I did well and what I could have done better. My degree involves coding, so I'm not really sure how I... Read More

Ken Delozier

Reviewed: 9/15/2014

Degree: Information Technology

As with any education experience, you will have good teacher, instructors and professors, and bad ones. Out of all the courses I took, there are only two I would grade with a D or F. Those are not very bad odds in my meager experience. The courses were challenging with some downright difficult. I do not feel my money was wasted, I learned a lot and found a job within 2 months of graduating. Note, this was in 2012, so I cannot speak to the school since then. Most instructors seemed encouraging and... Read More


Reviewed: 9/3/2014

Degree: Information Technology

As a REAL graduate from the BS - IT (Project Management) program I can safely say that this program was ideal for my situation. I worked full time throughout my whole program and had to dedicate evenings, weekends, spring breaks, etc. to keep up with the workload. Some courses were a natural fit for me, since I was already working in the industry my degree focuses on but they were not sleepers. I will say not all of the instructors were great about keeping the students informed, but ultimately its... Read More


Reviewed: 8/7/2014

Degree: Information Technology

These reflect my personal experience with Capella. These may or may not be the "norm" Pros: They counted my certifications towards college credit They transferred all of my previous coursework and it was easy to petition for classes to count. Their IT program is ABET accredited Quarterly schedules - take classes all year round for quicker degree completion They let me transfer 3 years of credit Teachers are very understanding about people having full-time jobs/careers Very good with VA benefits -... Read More


Reviewed: 4/30/2014

Degree: Information Technology

I finished my degree in 2009. The degree I obtained took my career to the next level. I thought the classes where challenging but rewarding. I would recommend this college, if you are trying to advance your career in Information Technology.


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