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California Southern University Reviews of Doctoral in Psychology

18 Reviews

Locations:   Irvine (CA) 

Annual Tuition: N/A

88% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
61% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Doctoral in Psychology

Student Reviews - Doctoral in Psychology

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Steven Mendoza

Reviewed: 5/28/2022

Degree: Psychology

After exploring many avenues to attend a PSYD program, I enrolled at California Southern University. This was the best decision, and I am delighted and motivated to participate in the Online classes. My experience in this academic institution has been phenomenal. Currently, I am taking Clinical Interviewing, and the assigned textbook comes with an access code to videos. The videos and the content are fabulous, and I find myself actively learning from the assigned text. Also, the videos and other... Read More

New student

Reviewed: 12/1/2021

Degree: Psychology

I have completed a few online degrees and worked in higher education and this is by far the worst learning environment I have had. The library is a canvas course and I am currently in an “interactive” class of one. My resources were poorly explained to me as a new student, there is no such thing as live supports, and the learning systems are lacking.


Reviewed: 11/7/2020

Degree: Psychology

I graduated about 8 months ago, paid my account in full, and still has not received my diploma, despite the fact I reached out to them several times and was left with no response. I am looking into my other options to escalate this issue. This is revolting and I feel indignant.


Reviewed: 9/10/2020

Degree: Psychology

I had 9 different advisors. They approved me to start my research project and in the middle of it told me that I had to take 2 additional courses. It always takes 5 to 6 emails to get anyone to respond from accounting or admin. When asked justification for a break down of an additional 1500 fee, no one could give a reasonable explanation other than " admin stuff" and "scheduling". I was told by the Dean " it is what it is". Education is decent, the admin and leadership is horrible. *Update... since... Read More


Reviewed: 11/27/2019

Degree: Psychology

I enjoyed my coursework and found the program challenging yet fair. I am frustrated, however, because Cal Southern does not participate in Degree Verify, an online site employers use to verify degrees. The other major online universities, such as Walden and Capella, do participate. I feel this makes a degree from Cal Southern appear less legitimate.


Reviewed: 11/18/2019

Degree: Psychology

My experience at California Southern University started off positive however, over the course of a few years getting my Doc Degree, I had 8 different advisors. Some times, I literally would get an email from a new one introducing themself, and then in a few weeks get a different one stating they were my new advisor. There is no way to ensure that you are getting the right information about your degree plan or have confidence that someone is keeping track and guiding your correctly. Case in point,... Read More


Reviewed: 9/16/2019

Degree: Psychology

Course content was interesting and engaging. Like any other school, some professors are phenomenal and others had expectations that were not clearly outlined. With that said, the program is appropriately challenging. I earned a masters from a university that has APA accreditation for their doctoral program, so the rigor of that prepares me for this. I am not looking to get licensed, but as a California resident its nice to know I can (with extra hoops without APA accreditation). Regional accreditation... Read More


Reviewed: 7/11/2019

Degree: Psychology

I loved the school till I completed my pre-doc; although, I am very disappointed for not being able to change my chair. I have requested a change in chair more than once and they rejected it every time. I do not find him helpful/supportive, he is unclear and unmotivating. I have started feeling extremely saddened, but I have no choice to continue to graduate with this tough situation. I did not feel supported by school and that's not professional and condescending to me.


Reviewed: 5/12/2019

Degree: Psychology

I am now in the dissertation phase (officially called Doctoral Project) and I have found this program to a great fit for a working clinician in full time private practice. If you don't reside in CA are not concerned about licensure, this is a relatively affordable and convenient way to obtain a regionally accredited doctorate in psychology. You have to be very self directed, and a lot of the assignments feel like busy work (I think true in many bricks and mortar places too), but overall my experience... Read More

Stephen Wise

Reviewed: 4/23/2019

Degree: Psychology

I am in my second year in the Psyd program at California Southern University, and I am thrilled with my progress. At the end of Aug I will have completed all of my required courses and will sit for the Comp Exam in Oct. I know that choosing an online school is not easy, and that 'responsiveness" seems to be a concern. I have had no probems in this regards. My mentors return emails in a timely manner, and I have a friendly and active academic advisor. I am getting a PsyD as a career change from many... Read More


Reviewed: 1/13/2019

Degree: Psychology

This was a fantastic choice for me. I already have a Masters degree and license and work experience. So, this was the perfect fit -- online, flexible, affordable compared to brick & mortars. I would only recommend it for those with real world experience or I think you will be lost. You must also be highly self-motivated! The mentors were usually great (except for 1 the whole time I was there). You will not get a ton of feedback on your work though and the doctoral project was hellish. However, I... Read More


Reviewed: 9/18/2018

Degree: Psychology

Endless essays where you read by yourself and write papers. Poor school with professors they call 'mentors' that grade your papers from their homes. They don't read papers and fake grades, no feedback. 5 Presidents in 2 years and my academic advisor changed 3 times. Gives degrees a bad name.

May Ahmed

Reviewed: 8/22/2018

Degree: Psychology

This school is very unprofessional. They keep pushing you to apply to the school and once you do no one is contact with you. My "advisor" never answered back my emails. I submitted all the proper work I had to do, and all they would speak to me about is the monthly payments I had to make before I even got accepted into the school. I call one day to check up on the status of my application and they tell me that they aren't accepting anyone from New York. It would've been professional to get an email... Read More

Ashleigh A.

Reviewed: 6/19/2017

Degree: Psychology

I have a masters in Clinical Counseling from an APA accredited school, and am currently working as a mental health counselor. I have attended both state and private schools and the curriculum and level of mastery expected by California Southern is by far the most challenging. I had reservations at first in obtaining my PsyD from an online school, however California Southern has exceeded my expectations. They have a plethora of online resources and data bases. I am currently enrolled in my third class... Read More


Reviewed: 5/26/2017

Degree: Psychology

If you are able to withstand the rigors of a focused program with specific criteria that needs to be met this will be a good program to consider. With regional accreditation this program does meet the requirements in a number of states to sit for licensure as a psychologist. It is critical to determine if your state will accept this program as some do not. The doctoral project process is rigorous without the sacrifice of years of schooling focused on one topic as with PhD programs. I became a better... Read More


Reviewed: 1/2/2017

Degree: Psychology

I have started the psychology program and it is very rigorous. There is a lot of work. Everyone in the school has been kind and ethical . I have a Master's degree from a highly regarded brick and mortar school and I find this school more challenging. It is well managed and organized. As an administrator of a behavioral health program, I appreciate being able to attend this school online with other mature students from all over the world who have substantial clinical experience.


Reviewed: 10/5/2016

Degree: Psychology

After four years of intensive work and study I can finally say that I have completed a life goal of acquiring my doctorate degree in psychology. As an LPC with a practice, a teaching job and three children, returning to school as a traditional student where you are expected to give 100% of your life to a doctoral program was not an option. The self directive nature of the coursework was exactly what I needed at this time in my life and career. Now that CSU has become WASC accredited it has also opened... Read More

J from Virginia

Reviewed: 11/5/2015

Degree: Psychology

I found the program to be robust and difficult while on par with the brick and mortar school I attended for my Master of Education degree. I would recommend this school if you want affordable, quality education. My state accepted course work for LPC.


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