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Baker College Online Reviews of Bachelor's in Computer Science

9 Reviews

Locations:   Cadillac (MI)  (and 8 others)

Annual Tuition: $12,420

80% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
63% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Computer Science

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Computer Science

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John Jackson

Reviewed: 11/5/2021

Degree: Computer Science

DO NOT GO. The classes where way too easy and I didn't even read the books or attend them. It was a waste of time. They switch from trimesters to semester and it loaded so many additional classes and it took me 8 years to graduate. Then they have the audacity to not even get back to me when I'm looking for career services. It's been one year after graduating and I still cannot find an entry level job. They where joke classes and the books where highly unprofessional. The teachers are previous Baker... Read More


Reviewed: 5/5/2020

Degree: Computer Science

The curriculum at Baker barely holds up to the standards of other schools. Very few of my classes were available to take on ground--many were pushed to online-only because there were no instructors available to teach these classes in person. The conversion to semesters (from quarters) completely screwed me out of MANY credits that I needed to graduate. Had to take extra classes after the fact--even after completing ALL the classes on the course list. The academic advisors and staff are clueless and... Read More


Reviewed: 7/30/2018

Degree: Computer Science

I'm glad I chose Baker Online to earn my degree. I was still able to work full time and gain work experience while going to school. I really liked how their program allowed me to take more classes in the same amount of time as other colleges. With classes only six weeks long I didnt get bored on one subject. I also developed more skills than most graduates with computer science degrees which helped me start out in more advanced positions. Also, most of their instructors were very good. I highly recommend... Read More


Reviewed: 6/19/2015

Degree: Computer Science

I am finally graduating after 5 years at Baker. I have a previous bachelor's so my experience here is compared to that and may not be the same for everyone. Transfer credits - I saw some complaints about this. Not sure if things have changed since 2010 but Baker fully honored 100% of my relevant classes from my previous degree. It may depend on what institution you are coming from (I had graduated from a different Michigan school) but it worked out well for me. The material - It was really hit or... Read More


Reviewed: 6/5/2015

Degree: Computer Science

I think the college is fine if you are in Michigan but if you are in a different area, their degree won't do much for you. Employers tend to look at not only your degree but where you got it. There are also issues with what employers want as far as skill and the classes they offer. Of course I went to grad school after and compounded the issue. I had a 3.95 at Baker and 4.0 in grad school and didn't feel prepared to do much.


Reviewed: 5/15/2015

Degree: Computer Science

I got my associates degree from a reputable university. I started attending Baker Online in 2008 going full and part time and taking a couple of long breaks, but finally finished in 2014. I wish Baker would have transferred more of my classes prom my previous school, but I understand their hands are tied based upon their accreditation. I loved the flexibility, but if you are not good at studying and learning on your own, do not take online classes. They are very time consuming and more dedication... Read More

Steve M.

Reviewed: 2/27/2014

Degree: Computer Science

The experience at Baker in the Computer Science program leans towards degree mill quality. The "instruction" entails mostly nothing more than reading a book, and the books are of varying quality. The book I am currently reading on web technologies is 7-8 years old, which is ancient for this subject. I don't mind reading a book to learn, but I was expecting more for $900 a course. The course materials are often disjointed, with the assignments having nothing to do with book, and the discussions having... Read More


Reviewed: 5/20/2013

Degree: Computer Science

It is unfortunate to read some of the negative reviews because my experience at Baker College has been nothing but positive. Of course, there is the exception with some instructors who clearly care only about a paycheck, but most are helpful and enthusiastic about teaching. This is no different than any other institution. Many of the instructors have a Masters, while some have a Ph.D. I have never had an instructor who had any less. Not to mention, every one of them were very skilled in their subject... Read More

This institution offers the fundamental tools to become successful, but it is up to the student to put forth the effort. The online programs are accelerated and can be extremely demanding which include several essays, projects, quizzes and participation (for attendance) that involve 2 substantial posts, 5 days out of the week. If you are willing to put forth the effort, you will do well. If you are looking for an easy route, this is not the school for you.

As far as tuition, I have priced out many other institutions and had found Baker to be extremely reasonable. While many institutions (large universities)charge $500/credit hour or more, Baker charges $230/credit hour as of the writing of this review. And no, Baker does not make you buy the books through their bookstore, although they encourage it. A slight downfall is that the administrative staff have yet to be desired, and this is only because they seem very uninformed. I have talked to some of the staff (with the exception of the advisers) who seemed very clueless as to how they should answer my question.

A slight change in subject, I had read someone giving a bad review because an internship was part of her program!! Newsflash: An internship is a great way to get a job, especially if you have no relevant experience! In any event, this is a great example of a reviewer who rated Baker poorly because they did not want to put forth the effort.

WHERE HAS BAKER GOTTEN ME? I am a Computer Science major and am projected to complete the program in 2014. With the help of the tools and skills that Baker has provided, I was able to obtain an internship in the IT department of a major automaker. Not to mention, I have been acknowledged by a major computer manufacturer to whom I am currently interviewing with as we speak for a position as an entry-level applications developer.

During my internship, I have noticed that I had applied my learned skills through each of my core classes and was able to apply them throughout all of my tasks. In other words, I did not go into my internship blindingly, and was already familiar with everything that was brought to the table because of the curriculum at Baker.

Overall, Baker is not for everyone but in my opinion, it is a fantastic school.


Reviewed: 3/29/2013

Degree: Computer Science

I've had great experience with Baker College (online). All the instructors are top-notch and have very impressive resumes that relate to the class they teach. The course of study is difficult and expedient, which requires the online student to be very organized, diligent, and structured.

I often compare my homework with friends in more prestigious on-campus universities and they are surprised to learn that my work is much harder and more demanding. I'd suggest Baker College to anyone who is willing... Read More

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