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Aspen University Reviews of Doctoral in Nursing

7 Reviews

Locations:   Denver (CO) 

Annual Tuition: $5,110

0% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
43% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Doctoral in Nursing

Student Reviews - Doctoral in Nursing

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Reviewed: 5/13/2023

Degree: Nursing

Don't bother. The DNP degree is a joke. We do a "project" as though we are third grade science fair entrants (which is not the fault of Aspen, rather, that is the idiocy of the AACN). However, the IRB requires hack "projects." Anything with any type of originality is shot down immediately. Also, unless you are affiliated with a corporation, you don't have a chance to obtain your degree. The DNP through Aspen is solely unpaid quality improvement (and weak, at that!) for your employer. Go the PhD route,... Read More


Reviewed: 4/12/2023

Degree: Nursing

The main reason I would not recommend this school to someone pursuing a DNP degree is because after your final defense, you have to pass a written comprehensive exam. Also, whoever is grading the exam expects that every doctoral project should meet every DNP essential and this is not always true. Also, the instructions for the exam should be clearer e.g. put the main questions in a bold font. I think the written comprehensive exam requirement should be achieved in another manner. I have heard that... Read More


Reviewed: 4/3/2023

Degree: Nursing

Aspen’s DNP was challenging and very relevant to the issues in the field of healthcare at the management level. My DNP project was well-supported and the faculty were very responsive to questions for feedback. I am very pleased with Aspen. I have several job opportunities with this new degree. I am very pleased with Asoen for keeping the DNP affordable yet relevant and achievable with its organized online format. .


Reviewed: 11/25/2022

Degree: Nursing

I was just reading the very poor reviews of Aspen. I am currently almost ready to graduate with my DNP and I can honestly say that this program has be wonderful. I have had some really good instructors and although there could be minor improvements, I feel as though I worked hard and earned this degree. It was not easy. It took a lot of dedication. For those just saying it was a degree or piece of paper I feel that they are missing the point. As a doctorate prepared nurse, you must be ready to do... Read More


Reviewed: 9/14/2022

Degree: Nursing

Aspen's DNP program is a joke. There are not enough instructors to keep up with the course work. The proctored exam you are charged for and then is not even proctored. You are in 6 core DNP courses A and B that are duplicates of each other. You do the same work in each A and B course. You work on the same chapters over and over. If you are lucky enough for your professor to read it that week, you may get some feedback. Otherwise you get participation points for turning it in. DNP852B had the exact... Read More

DNP student

Reviewed: 8/29/2022

Degree: Nursing

I was informed by registration that the University dropped the ball and did not obtain the state agreement after abruptly closing the Colorado campus. After completing 2 years worth of coursework and part of my DNP project, my education is on “hold.” The courses are not transferrable. Unfortunately, my life and my project site/ preceptor doesn’t allow for extra “hold” time while the university corrects their problems. Words can not describe the feeling I have right now. Those who have been through... Read More


Reviewed: 3/23/2022

Degree: Nursing

Aspen is a great school if you know what you're looking for. I wanted a DNP for the leadership and teaching opportunities it provides. I have finished all the coursework and am now in the DNP courses. The classes are tough and the content is very relevant. The instructors are responsive and you feel like you are important. You must meet deadlines and be self-motivated to be successful. There are many students who aren't ready to be online graduate students and then criticize the university for not... Read More

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