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Aspen University Reviews of Bachelor's in RN to BSN

36 Reviews

Locations:   Denver (CO) 

Annual Tuition: $5,110

60% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
69% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in RN to BSN

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in RN to BSN

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Lawrence Arrindell

Reviewed: 6/15/2023

Degree: RN to BSN

Aspen University provided an excellent, quality online learning opportunity. I am very satisfied with the knowledge that I have acquired through my studies at Aspen. Courses are challenging, but the professors where always available and very helpful. Aspen University is a great choice for those of us who have to continue to work full time, while perusing higher career goals. Oh, did I mention affordable?

Annabelle DeJesus

Reviewed: 4/30/2023

Degree: RN to BSN

I have been a Registered Nurse for 19.5 years working with an associate's degree. The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for an advanced degree. I am so glad I chose Aspen University. The faculty have been there to guide me every step of the way and ensure my success in the program. The RN to BSN program is intense and will impact your professional development. The program is set up for you to succeed. The key to your success in the program is your level of commitment to academics and... Read More

Molly Reilly

Reviewed: 4/19/2023

Degree: RN to BSN

I loved Aspen university. The class flexibility for signing up was amazing. I felt that I learned so much in this program and the instructors were great and very helpful when reaching out to them. The monthly payment plan was a great option for me and helped me to make my dream of achieving a BSN a reality.

Torre Manning

Reviewed: 12/1/2022

Degree: RN to BSN

Don’t really understand the negatives surrounding Aspen. For me the school has been wonderful. I was able to take classes and work a full time job while also supporting my son who is in college. The classes are always challenging and I learned so much. The professors were always knowledgeable and graded fairly. I was not sure how I would do with online courses but the platform used by Aspen makes it easy to follow. I also appreciate the payment plan option. I will continue on as an Aspen student!... Read More

Michelle Lee

Reviewed: 5/3/2022

Degree: RN to BSN

Aspen’s online class of RN to BSN has provided many updated knowledge for current healthcare. My professors are very knowledgeable & helpful! They are friendly & very responsible. I will recommend my RN & LVN ( in the future) ti take the RN to BSN course at Aspen !!


Reviewed: 4/28/2022

Degree: RN to BSN

The education I received was great but the University lacked in transparency and follow up. It was frustrating that my advisor would not respond back to me when I needed it and I was not aware that I needed to have my text book for my proctor exam. My advisor never told me this.

Danielle Mudd

Reviewed: 4/21/2022

Degree: RN to BSN

I just completed my RN to BSN program at Aspen University. The program is laid out in a standard format in the classroom. Each assigned professor may sometimes make minor changes to the requirements. Each week has a discussion, responses, and an assignment (paper, power point, etc.) which are all completely doable even while working full time. The first class is "how to write and format a paper 101". After that, all you have to do is change the content. This is extremely helpful for those of us who... Read More

Stacia Ghafoori

Reviewed: 1/24/2022

Degree: RN to BSN

BUYER BEWARE: THIS IS NOT A REGIONALLY ACCREDITED SCHOOL. If you are truly only attending a BSN program because your goal is to fulfill the BSN requirement at your job, but you have zero aspirations to further your career, then Aspen is just fine. The price is great, the time commitment is reasonable, and I actually enjoyed my classes getting a little something from most of them. (You get out of it what you put in.) I was, however, naive and did not investigate further that this school is touted... Read More


Reviewed: 12/5/2021

Degree: RN to BSN

I graduated from the RN-BSN program with honors in October 2021 with a 3.97 GPA, and I am incredibly proud of this accomplishment. Honestly, the classes are time-consuming and challenging. However, nursing is a formidable career that requires discipline. Hence, I was prepared to work when I entered the program. Our patients deserve well-educated nurses equipped with the knowledge to care for them appropriately. Aspen University provides nurses with an excellent education to accomplish this goal.... Read More


Reviewed: 10/18/2021

Degree: RN to BSN

Although I just graduated and have not found a job that reflects me having a BSN, I do believe more doors will open for me now in leadership or education. Thank you Aspen University for providing me with such a wonderful learning experience. The instructors and the curriculum are top notch and I feel better prepared now to continue with my journey in nursing. I would not change a thing.

Merlisa Alexander

Reviewed: 9/10/2021

Degree: RN to BSN

As an international student, I graduated with an Associate Degree in Nursing in 2006 and had not been actively involved in any further studies because I was always fearful of not being able to study online due to lacking computer skills and time management and financially not being able to afford payments. Researching schools in the later part of 2019, I came across Aspen University and was satisfied with its accreditation and affordable fee. With an entry GPA of 2.62, I knew that I was now more... Read More

James G

Reviewed: 6/3/2021

Degree: RN to BSN

Aspen was a breath of fresh air. I originally started at a local college and my employer would have paid 100% of the RN to BSN program. Once I started, I found it was not adult learner oriented. So, after some research I found Aspen. It is out of my own pocket, but it has been adult learner oriented. Having a busy work and home life, I was still able to get my Aspen work done every time. The interest free payment plan has also very appreciated. Aspen is about $11,000 versus nearly $30,000 like some... Read More

Karen Kitchens

Reviewed: 5/21/2021

Degree: RN to BSN

I had a wonderful experience with Aspen. Everyone has been helpful. The course load was manageable. The instructors where accessible and answered questions in a timely fashion. I am please with my overall experience and would recommend this program to others.

Mae Tyler

Reviewed: 5/10/2021

Degree: RN to BSN

Earning my BSN in nursing was an excellent experience at Aspen University. The professors are very knowledgeable and available to meet the needs of every student. The monthly tuition plan worked well for me and I highly recommend Aspen for continued learn.

Colleen Johnson

Reviewed: 3/12/2021

Degree: RN to BSN

The program is difficult to navigate in the beginning. All questions and additional needs were answered and addressed immediately by staff with a simple phone call. You can take classes one at a time. This is ideal for full-time nurses juggling families. I completed the final classes during the covid pandemic. The classes enhance your bedside practice and prepare you for management positions.


Reviewed: 2/8/2021

Degree: RN to BSN

I had an amazing experience with Aspen. They have an affordable payment program and classes are structured that works around a full time career. All teachers were excellent and aided whenever needed. I also loved that classes started every 2 weeks and you could go at your own pace.

Brittney Jarrell

Reviewed: 11/24/2020

Degree: RN to BSN

Aspen University provided me with everything that I needed to be successful in the RN to BSN program. The classes were easy to navigate and the professors were extremely helpful. I would recommend anyone that is wanting to further their nursing career to go to Aspen.


Reviewed: 10/8/2020

Degree: RN to BSN

I am about halfway through this program and find that I really like the program and find the assignments doable. I have recommended this school to a few of my friends and coworkers. I have learned from every class and all of my instructors have been good about grading assignments in the 7 day window.

Jay Charles

Reviewed: 10/7/2020

Degree: RN to BSN

I like the way the academic advisors and the instructors respond to any concern or questions in a timely manner. The coursework is most times heavy but if one put their minds to doing it, it is doable to say the least. I am thinking about furthering my education and so far I had a good experience with Aspen thus far.


Reviewed: 10/3/2020

Degree: RN to BSN

Aspen University is a great match for me. I did my BSN completion online. Mind you, I had my RN- ADN degree 15 years ago and not familiar with online classes. My advisor and all my professors had help me through the trenches. I just finished my BS-RN completion program. It was hard because of the pandemic that is happening when I was going to finish the course. Working during COVID plus going to school was a nightmare. But because I had SUPPORT and MOTIVATORS from my advisor and professors in the... Read More

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