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Ashworth College Reviews of Certificate in Medical Transcription

5 Reviews

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33% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
0% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Certificate in Medical Transcription

Student Reviews - Certificate in Medical Transcription

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Reviewed: 3/16/2020

Degree: Medical Transcription

I don't like this college I dont even know why they call themselves a college. If you want to switch a program you are basically screwed. I paid for the medical transcription program in full its only been 4 months since then. I wanted to switch to accounting they told me I would have to cancel my medical transcription program and that I could not get a refund for it and I would have to pay all over again to take a new program. This is just a business that takes your money and provides you with a... Read More


Reviewed: 8/31/2018

Degree: Medical Transcription

I took the medical transcription course. The reasons I do not recommend this college are the following: 1. Outdated materials. I was sent a medical dictionary from 1998. There is a program that is mentioned throughout the book, and I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work, only to find out that I didnt need it, though it probably would have worked with the foot pedal they sent. 2. Instructors dont have any contact information so I couldnt email and ask questions. I had to rely on representatives... Read More


Reviewed: 8/17/2018

Degree: Medical Transcription

I do not recommend this school to anyone. 1. The instructors dont have their emails for contact anywhere so I wasnt able to ask them for any assistance with anything. I had to rely on representatives. The ticket system they have is useless. Instead of asking for the missing information that they need, they close the ticket and say the matter was resolved. I sent an email about two months ago that has still not been replied to. Not that it matters anymore. 2. The material is outdated. I was sent a... Read More

Risa Dasilva

Reviewed: 9/2/2017

Degree: Medical Transcription

Be aware before taking this course Ashworth IS NOT a approved program by AHDI It will be a waste of your money Which is the reason why they are a lot cheaper than the other approved programs Please visit the website for AHDI to get the list of approved programs And than when I called Ashworth college lady was very rude when I confronted her saying they were not approved Be aware your course won't be worth anything and will be a waste of miney


Reviewed: 1/14/2015

Degree: Medical Transcription

Let me start off by saying--- I am not sure about the overall credibility of Ashworth's degree programs. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in finance from an accredited university, however, I am entering the healthcare field, and I solely registered for the Medical Transcription program to gain some knowledge in Medical Terminology, and just gain some sort of experience in the field. Well, I began the program end of November, and I have been at a halt since then because they have not provided study... Read More


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