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American Public University System Reviews of Bachelor's in Psychology

12 Reviews

Locations:   Charles Town (WV) 

Annual Tuition: $7,360

67% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
83% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Psychology

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Psychology

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Reviewed: 3/27/2020

Degree: Psychology

I attended APUS full time for four years to receive my bachelor's in psychology. The work was rigorous, and the assignments were time consuming but the objective was to learn and I exited with my degree confident in my knowledge. I met some amazing teachers attending APUS that changed my perspective, and although it gets difficult maintaining self discipline to turn assignments in on time and self-study, I do not regret my decision. It wasn't until I decided to pursue my Masters degree at a different... Read More


Reviewed: 2/10/2020

Degree: Psychology

I have have taken courses in both brick and mortar institutions and online. Overall, I actually learned more in the online classes than I did in traditional classes, excluding courses that required hands on labs, such chemistry, etc. At APUS/AMU, with the exception of two classes, (sophomore level), all of my major instructors had doctoral degrees from accredited, well known institutions, were experienced professionals in their fields, and were always available and helpful. Just a word to the wise,... Read More


Reviewed: 12/11/2019

Degree: Psychology

This was a fantastic program! The online format was very well rehearsed and was implemented flawlessly. The instructors were very knowledgeable and accessible. I was most impressed with how prepared I was once starting graduate school. All the right courses were included leading to a very easy transition. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend, particularly if brick and mortar has not worked in the past or is inaccessible.

So far so great

Reviewed: 6/1/2019

Degree: Psychology

Overall this school is great! I have nothing but great things to say about this school so far. Instructors grade assignments pretty quick and they give feedback that is thorough. I can honestly say that I made a great choice by enrolling at this school.


Reviewed: 4/27/2019

Degree: Psychology

If you're looking to earn a piece of paper without any real education this is the place for you! I honestly didn't learn anything from this university as every assignment consists of writing assignments that are often not aligned with the text provided. Most professors don't even read the papers but instead rely on turnitin reports that check for similarity/plagiarism in order to do grading. Other professors simply throw a grade out there whether your work is good or bad. Many of the professors do... Read More

April M. Durrant

Reviewed: 6/21/2017

Degree: Psychology

APUS was flexible, affordable and easy to work with. Directions for registration, class sign-in information and forum discussions were very straightforward and staff were always helpful with any questions. Both my husband and I attended APUS and have referred family, friends and colleagues based on our experiences.

Brandon Coronado

Reviewed: 3/20/2017

Degree: Psychology

I have recommended American Public University to every Soldier that I have come across. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. The professors are very aware of the military lifestyle and were accommodating with extensions were needed due to military training.


Reviewed: 3/19/2016

Degree: Psychology

The PROS of this program are identical to the same as every other online BA program...identical. The added bonus is the savings. In my case, it was about a 60% savings over my second choice (Adams Online University, CO). They have a much, much higher graduation rate than PHX or CTU Online. Two coworkers were in the same titled program at the same time. We are all planning to graduate now, or just graduated. The one who went to PHX had instructor issues. The one who went to our local U (classroom... Read More


Reviewed: 8/21/2015

Degree: Psychology

This college is the same as every other. They're not going to give you credit for classes you've taken. Especially for general education this frustrates me. IT'S GENERAL EDUCATION your classes are not special or superior. But hey I guess colleges all have to stick together on one point, ripping students off.

Stacey F

Reviewed: 6/26/2015

Degree: Psychology

I was at Walden University but the college that I would like to receive my Masters at does not accept all of Walden Universities transfers. I made a BIG MISTAKE in choosing APUS. I have sickle cell and unfortunately this is not a school that is very understanding that. EVERYTHING YOU DO HAS TO BE APPROVED AND WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT WHEN YOU"RE SICK AND ARE NOT ABLE TO GO ON CAMPUS?? I had Doctor excuses but the process was just to much. So I ended up with a bill. Well dealing with their financial... Read More

Brian Tiefenbrun

Reviewed: 5/2/2014

Degree: Psychology

I am currently attending AMU (a sub-school of APUS for the Military). I have had both good and bad experiences with the instructors. Like any college, you will have the good ones, the bad ones, and the great ones. I haven't really had any great instructors but I would say that through 80+ credit hours at this school I have only had two bad instructors. The content is very relevant and has helped me progress in my understanding of psychology. I am not the best applicant for a masters program but I... Read More


Reviewed: 1/9/2014

Degree: Psychology

This has been an outstanding school to attend. The professors are wonderful and will work with to get your goals accomplished. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for an online college.


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