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Academy of Art University Reviews of Bachelor's in Video Game Design

5 Reviews

Locations:   San Francisco (CA) 

Annual Tuition: $25,424

0% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Video Game Design

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Video Game Design

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Reviewed: 3/15/2023

Degree: Video Game Design

Bad school with professors who are too poor or even inferior to the students. Only a tiny percentage of professors give you useful advice. Usually, the traditional painting teachers are good, and you could have nice fundament courses. However, most teachers do not have enough aesthetics and are competent enough. You could have a terrible experience in your major courses. They will give you excessive assignments, weird feedback, and extremely low grades. And, most assignments are useless to your future... Read More


Reviewed: 8/18/2021

Degree: Video Game Design

I’ve taken FASCU 632 OL1: Ecorche (FASCU 270) for this summer semester, and the class was the worst I ever had. Every week there were just dozens of tedious videos that weren’t easy to follow at all. The instructor didn’t provide any personal instruction in the beginning of every module. I had a hard time following the class and couldn't post on time at all. Finally I failed even if I tried my best and submitted my work for the final. I was feeling very frustrated and depressed because of it. It... Read More


Reviewed: 3/15/2016

Degree: Video Game Design

Unhappy with housing. Unhappy with Instructors. online classes are garbage. The schools websites and app is garbage. The volunteer services are not valued. Health services and not available. Career services are not helpful in my field. Department directors have their hands tied. Even janitor services suck and are highly unfriendly.

T.I. Not

Reviewed: 12/5/2015

Degree: Video Game Design

I've attended the AAU in person, and now I'm taking online courses. In person was really, truly a great experience. Online courses not so much. About 50 % of the time I get teachers who barely participate. A few times I've caught teachers cutting and pasting the exact same feedback for every student's homework - which probably means they didn't bother to review it at all. Right now I'm a Game Development major. I've had a few awesome teachers. But the teachers don't put the module content in place.... Read More


Reviewed: 9/19/2014

Degree: Video Game Design

Don't go here for the game design degree. Just don't. Please. Let me elaborate, You're paying this school for a degree that will teach you the skills you need to have a fighting chance at getting a job in the industry, right? I mean that's what you should be doing...Game design is an insanely competitive field ok? Most of the game design specific classes are a joke. They won't challenge you to do better and they won't fail you if you're bad. It's the worst of both worlds. You could be the worst artist... Read More


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