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Can Online Colleges Offer Competitive Career Outcomes?

While the availability and popularity of online degree programs have grown rapidly in recent years, there is limited research available on contemporary online l...

Who's Hiring Graduates of Texas Online Colleges?

Key Insights Top industries for alumni from the best online colleges in Texas include education, healthcare, business and finance, and oil and gas Some of the la...

The Rising Popularity of Earning a Degree Online

Learn why online degrees are becoming mainstream and how COVID has impacted the trend.

The Benefits of a Psychology Degree

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, psychology degrees may be more valuable than ever. You can expect to derive a range of practical benefits from a psychology degree.

Is a Master's in Education Worth It?

A graduate degree in education will give you more than just a significant salary bump and a boost in credentials.

The Online Student Perspective: What are the top-rated online colleges, and what are they doing right?

Countless surveys done in late spring found students were significantly less satisfied with their learning experience when COVID-19 shifted higher education online. ...

Top Five Things to Consider When Looking For an Online School as a Military or Veteran Student

Whether they're moving frequently or balancing family and work on top of their studies, military members and veterans across the country enjoy the flexibility that c...

Adapt and Adopt: How a Change in Perspective can Help Keep Nontraditional Students Motivated During COVID-19

Redefining their idea of success can help students conquer barriers in higher education. Learn who to turn to for guidance and how to move forward.

COVID-19: Inspiring A New Generation of Healthcare Workers

"When the pandemic broke out, taking action helped ease my anxiety," reports Sherry, an online Doctor of Nursing Practice student at Johns Hopkins University in Mary...

Student Spotlight: Meet our first Online Degree Scholarship winner, Mainhia Ly

Ask any of the 3.25 million students enrolled in online education in a year why they chose an online program, and they'll likely tell you these two things: it's more...

Want to get involved this election season? Online students can help get out the vote

If it's an election year, you can usually count on student activists to register voters, run social media campaigns, and ensure there's a ballot drop box on campus. ...

Professor Young’s Tips for Learning From Home

Dr. Young offers advice and techniques to set yourself up for success when learning remotely during the pandemic and beyond.