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Data Studies

Who Is Hiring Florida’s Alumni? It Depends on The School.

Employment outcomes for over 140,000 alumni of Florida colleges show defense, finance, healthcare, education, and tech as top employers of grads

New Data Shows Top Companies Hiring Florida’s Online Grads

Employment outcomes for over 74,000 alumni of Florida colleges show aerospace and defense companies are top employers for online graduates

These schools offer the best chance at a Big Four accounting job

We studied employment outcomes for more than 300,000 alumni to find out which colleges send the highest rate of accounting graduates to the Big Four.

New Enrollment Data Shows 60% of For-Profit Career Schools Grew Last Fall

While enrollment dropped at 90% of public community colleges, more than half of for-profit career schools grew enrollment during COVID-19.

Four-Year Colleges with the Highest Enrollment Growth During COVID-19

While national college enrollment dropped in 2020, online schools saw boosts during COVID-19. New federal data shows which colleges had the highest enrollment growth in fall 2020.

Four-Year Colleges with the Largest Enrollment Declines During COVID-19

New data on fall enrollment for 2020 highlights which universities saw at least a 20% decline during COVID-19

Where do New York's Online Grads Work? Finance Draws 17% of Alumni

New data highlights the biggest employers, industries, and jobs behind the top online colleges for salary in New York.

Who's Hiring Graduates of California's Online Colleges?

A look at the top employers, industries, and jobs for the best online schools in California for salary

Can Online Colleges Offer Competitive Career Outcomes?

Our study investigates salary and employment data for the most popular online schools in the U.S. Learn which schools did best for post-grad outcomes.

Who's Hiring Graduates of Texas Online Colleges?

We found the top employers driving high salaries for alumni of the schools ranked on our list of Best Online Colleges by Salary Score in Texas.

The Online Student Perspective: What are the top-rated online colleges, and what are they doing right?

Alumni reviews reveal important indicators of top-rated online colleges for prospective students.

College in the COVID Era: Students Share What Went Well and How Schools Can Do Better

We conducted a survey in August and early September to find out how the shift to online learning affected students, and how schools could alter their approaches.

The Degrees with the Best ROI During the COVID-19 Recession

Every industry in the world has been impacted by COVID-19. Read more about the degrees with best ROI during a recession.

Higher Ed News & Trends

The Biggest Problem for Colleges? It May Be Inflation

Rising inflation could be a major issue for colleges over the next few years. Learn about why this is, what history has taught us, and what should be done.

The Rising Popularity of Earning a Degree Online

Learn how online degrees are becoming mainstream and why some college students prefer online learning.

The Benefits of a Psychology Degree

Jenni Jacobsen, professor and licensed social worker, explains how a psychology degree can impact your skills, salary, and career.

Is a Master's in Education Worth It?

Sara Austin, M. Ed, discusses the benefits of earning a master's in education and analyzes how the degree can impact your career, salary, and skills.

Top Five Things to Consider When Looking For an Online School as a Military or Veteran Student

Here are a few things to look for in your school search as a service member or veteran.

Adapt and Adopt: How a Change in Perspective can Help Keep Nontraditional Students Motivated During COVID-19

Clinton Parrilla, an Education Advocate with Northwest Education Access, shares his experiences guiding non-traditional pathway students through the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19: Inspiring A New Generation of Healthcare Workers

COVID-19 may be the motivation behind students pursuing healthcare fields and data shows that it’s a smart long-term decision.

Student Spotlight: Meet our first Online Degree Scholarship winner, Mainhia Ly

2020 Online Degree Scholarship Winner Mainhia Ly on life as a single parent, full-time employee, and online student

Want to get involved this election season? Online students can help get out the vote

While student-led marches across the quad may be off the table, there are many opportunities for students to get involved this election season.

Professor Young’s Tips for Learning From Home

Pacific Lutheran University professor Dr. Amy Young shares online learning tips that will allow you to better center yourself and practice self-care.

The Class of 2020: Optimal’s New Teammates Share Perspectives on Online Learning and Graduating Into a Pandemic

Optimal's newest employees, all members of the class of 2020, share what it was like moving to online education and how they navigated the job search during a pandemic.

Is an Online MBA Worth It? Here's What the Data Says

With the growth of online universities and developments in education technology, America’s most popular postgraduate degree, the MBA, is changing.

COVID-19 FAQs and Resources created this resource to answer the most frequently asked questions about going to college during the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Economy Has Students Rethinking What – and How – They Study

The coronavirus pandemic has upended education at every level, forcing students across the country to rethink academic plans.