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Professional Nutritionist
Seattle, WA

Kathleen Putnam has been a professional nutritionist for 20 years, and she has extensive experience in many facets of the nutrition field. She earned a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and dietetics from Oregon State University, and a Master of Science in nutrition from Bastyr University. For the past 10 years, she has been in private practice at NutritionWorks Seattle, where she counsels individuals and groups.

Chief Data Scientist
Chesapeake, VA

Jeffrey Richley is a former online college graduate working as a Chief Data Scientist. Jeff began his undergraduate education in the 90s, finished his bachelor's degree in computer science at Liberty University in 2018, and is currently pursuing his master's in computer science at Georgia Tech with a specialization in computational perception and robotics.

Assistant Director of Northeastern University's Latinx Student Cultural Center
Boston, MA

Personal Finance Writer
St Petersburg, FL

Stephanie Sasseen writes about personal finance, travel, music, and parenting. Her work has appeared in the Tampa Bay Times, The Penny Hoarder, LendEDU, Podreacher, and Money Under 30.

Mental Health and Addiction Speaker and Coach
Philadelphia, PA

Jay Shifman is a vulnerable speaker, podcaster, coach, and advocate. He holds a BA in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University and has put in numerous hours of independent learning acquiring certifications in mental health, substance misuse and addiction, and drug policy.