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Online Political Science Degrees

By OnlineU Staff | Updated 8/28/2020
Quick Facts
Accreditation: Institutional
Average Tuition: $23,061
Average Salary: $87,870

Students of an online political science degree program will study the history, development, and operation of policies and systems. The degrees on this page offer a wide variety of degree focuses, including international relations, military studies, and public affairs. Online political science degrees are available at the associate, bachelor's, master's, and certificate levels. Aspiring political scientists will find 8 strong choices on our list of the best online master's degrees in political science. Schools are ranked based on tuition and alumni salaries provided by PayScale.

There is no specific programmatic accreditation agency focused on political science degrees. However, as with all subjects, it is important for prospective students to verify the institutional accreditation status of any school they are considering attending in order to ensure their degree meets national standards.

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Most Popular Accredited Online Schools for Political Science Bachelor's Degrees

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Rank School Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
# 1 #1 Not Provided 68% (660 reviews)
# 2 #2 $9,600 64% (376 reviews)
149 Programs, 1 Bachelor's in Political Science (view all)
149 Programs, 1 Bachelor's in Political Science
  • BA Political Science
# 3 #3 $23,483 71% (100 reviews)
180 Programs, 3 Bachelor's in Political Science (view all)
180 Programs, 3 Bachelor's in Political Science
  • BA in Political Science
  • BS in Political Science
  • BA in Philosophy (Morality, Politics and Law)
# 4 #4 $17,050 52% (479 reviews)
# 5 #5 $9,816 41% (29 reviews)
# 6 #6 $11,700 59% (290 reviews)
505 Programs, 4 Bachelor's in Political Science (view all)
505 Programs, 4 Bachelor's in Political Science
  • BS: Government: Politics & Policy
  • BS: Political Science
  • BS: Government: National Security
  • BS: Government: Public Administration
# 7 #7 $23,020 64% (91 reviews)
# 8 #8 $18,380 50% (16 reviews)
77 Programs, 4 Bachelor's in Political Science (view all)
77 Programs, 4 Bachelor's in Political Science
  • B.A. in Government
  • B.A. in Government - American Government and Politics
  • B.A. in Government - International Relations and Foreign ...
  • B.A. in Government - Pre-Law
# 9 #9 $7,827 66% (65 reviews)
# 10 #10 $19,444 33% (3 reviews)
# 11 #11 $14,617 Add Review
# 12 #12 $21,260 Add Review
# 13 #13 $15,297 75% (4 reviews)
# 14 #14 $20,759 67% (3 reviews)
# 15 #15 $23,399 50% (2 reviews)
# 16 #16 $11,164 Add Review
# 17 #17 $14,024 Add Review
# 18 #18 $20,806 53% (17 reviews)
# 19 #19 $17,756 100% (2 reviews)
# 20 #20 $7,100 50% (2 reviews)
# 21 #21 $49,032 Add Review
# 22 #22 $13,365 0% (1 review)
# 23 #23 $18,688 38% (26 reviews)
# 24 #24 $25,600 Add Review
# 25 #25 $24,120 67% (3 reviews)

Online Political Science Degree Overview & Career Information

Online degrees in political science are available at the associate, bachelor's, master's, and certificate levels. A bachelor's in political science is generally an entry-level requirement for many positions in this field. Graduates may pursue employment as policy analysts, research assistants, or administrators in public, private, and non-profit organizations. During the degree program, students spend four years studying general education requirements, as well as major classes like macroeconomics, microeconomics, American history, American government, comparative politics, foreign policy, and legal writing.

There are several online master's programs that can benefit someone aspiring to a career in political science. Both the Master of Public Administration and the Master of Public Policy degree programs typically focus on the professional skills needed to analyze and create policy, such as research methods, statistics, and program evaluation. The Master of Arts in political science provides training in political science research methods. These programs allow students to specialize in a particular area, such as international relations, public law, and comparative democracy.

Online Bachelor's Degrees in Political Science

Program Requirements

Online bachelor's degrees in political science generally take four years to complete for full-time students. Prospective political science majors will need to have a high school diploma or GED in order to enroll in a bachelor's degree program. Most schools will require that applicants submit trancripts from high school, as well as standardized test scores. Some schools may also require personal statements of some sort as part of the application process.


Students in an online bachelor's degree program can expect to take a variety of general education requirements in addition to more specific political science classes. Depending on the school, general education requirements might include math, science, English, history, and psychology, and electives in the humanities and arts. Once students begin their political science curriculum, they will likely take courses in mass communications, statistical analysis, government structure, political theories and methods, economics, and business.

Many political science undergraduate students complete internships in addition to or as part of their degree program. They can volunteer for lobbyist organizations or work at non-profit agencies. Some students travel abroad or to Washington, DC, to complete their internships, and many schools offer school credit to those who do. However, many political science graduates go on to law school or to earn a master's degree in the field, where there are opportunities for all kinds of careers. Those who have bachelor's degrees typically work for polling companies, news organizations, non-profits, or lobbyist organizations.

The Importance of an Accredited Online Political Science Degree

Accreditation is a designation awarded to a school on the condition that the school meets certain academic and proprietary standards. This process holds schools accountable and many students are comforted by the fact that accredited schools undergo regular auditing processes that are designed to protect them from fraud or substandard education. Also, only accredited schools may offer federal financial aid, which helps many students with educational costs. Students can check the accreditation status of the schools they are considering through the database maintained by the US Department of Education.

Career Specializations for Political Science Graduates

Students in online political science degree programs study history, communication, administration, policy, and a number of other subjects that are applicable to jobs in both public and private organizations. These liberal arts programs discuss the function of government and how public policy is created. The interdisciplinary nature of this degree helps to prepare graduates for a variety of careers. Here are just some of the careers that political science graduates can work toward:

  • Administrator: Graduates are well equipped to enter administrator or assistant administrator positions in local, state, and federal government agencies. Others can become managers in healthcare settings, community service organizations, non-profits, or the private sector.
  • Campaign Organizer: People running for political office hire teams to help them organize their campaigns and get elected. This staff gathers useful information about voter issues, responds to media, schedules events, and makes sure that the people running for office get their message out.
  • Journalist: An understanding of geopolitical issues can be very useful for becoming a politics or news reporter. The political science background also focuses on reading and writing skills, which are vital for newspaper and news magazine journalists.
  • Lawyer: Practitioners of the law benefit from a foundation in political science in order to provide history, context, and expertise in the nature of legal ideas.
  • Policy Analyst: Policy analysts work in government agencies, non-profits, and private organizations to keep track of legislative and judicial action and to analyze the effects of particular policies. Analysts also investigate new policy proposals to predict the effects of new legislation.
  • Political Organizer: Political organizers spread the word about a particular political movement or issue. They canvas communities to rally support, organize volunteers, and monitor news breaks to stay on top of developments related to their cause.
  • Political Scientist: These academic experts work in policy analysis, and the majority of them are enlisted for work by the federal government.
  • Public Official: Many senators, congressmen, and other governmental executives and legislators have studied political science academically to prepare for their careers.
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