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2023 Best Online Nursing Programs in Oregon

By OnlineU Staff Writers | Updated 9/7/2023

Discover the best online nursing programs in Oregon for 2023. Online nursing programs have continued to grow in popularity as a way for aspiring nurses to pursue their education goals while balancing other obligations. These schools offer online nursing degrees at the bachelor's and master's levels to help you get started on a successful nursing career. If tuition is an important factor in choosing a nursing program, you may also want to review the most affordable nursing degrees.

Our 2023 list includes colleges in Oregon with online nursing programs and available NCLEX data, so you can easily determine which online nursing programs result in graduates with the best pass rates.

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2023 Best Online Nursing Programs in Oregon

School NCLEX Pass Rate Online Enrollment
Oregon Health & Science University 94.03% 345
Linfield University - Online and Continuing Education 86.29% 134
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Becoming a Nurse in Oregon

There are several ways to earn a license and become a nurse in Oregon. Each path starts with nursing education that varies depending on the type of nurse you're trying to become. 

The Oregon Board of Nursing regulates nurse licensing and certification in the Beaver State. Nursing represents the largest group of healthcare workers in Oregon, but the state is experiencing a critical nursing shortage. This deficit has been worsened by the stresses of COVID-19 and a lack of nurse educators to train the next generation to replace nurses who have left or plan to leave the profession.

Keep reading to learn more about Oregon licensing requirements for certified nursing assistants (CNAs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nurses (RNs), or advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) below.

To learn about online nursing programs and requirements in other states, explore our list of accredited nursing degrees by state below:

Nursing Degrees by State

How To Get Certified Nursing Assistant Certification in Oregon

There are two types of CNA certification in Oregon: CNA1 and CNA2. CNA1 candidates must complete a board-approved nursing assistant training program within two years of their application date. Candidates must then pass the state's CNA certification exam and complete a fingerprinting and background check process. 

CNA2 builds additional skills and knowledge onto the CNA1 base for people looking to advance their careers. The CNA2 program requires an additional 60 hours of classroom and lab time and 28 hours of clinical practice. CNA2s might expect a slight increase in pay and have an easier time finding work given the increase in knowledge and training.

Only people with CNA2 certification can work in hospitals in Oregon. CNAs must renew their certification every two years.

How To Get a Licensed Practical Nurse License in Oregon

In-state applicants must complete an approved LPN training program as a first step toward receiving LPN licensure in Oregon. They need to then apply for permission from the nursing board to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for this level, which is called the NCLEX-PN. Assuming they pass the test, applicants then undergo a background check.

LPNs can also receive licensure by endorsement if they hold an LPN license in another state. They must submit proof of licensure in the other state and submit to the same background check as other candidates.

Oregon LPN licenses are good for two years and expire on the licensee's birthday. Licensure must be renewed before this date to avoid a $100 late fee. Renewal years are based on the licensee's birthday. Individuals born in an odd-numbered year renew on their date of birth in odd-numbered years, while others renew during even-numbered years.

How To Get a Registered Nurse License in Oregon

Prospective RNs in Oregon must graduate from an accredited Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program. Candidates need to apply to the Oregon Board of Nursing for permission to take the NCLEX-RN. Aspiring RNs also undergo fingerprinting and a background check. As with LPNs, RN hopefuls can apply for licensure by endorsement if they have a license in good standing from another state.

RN nursing licenses are good for two years and expire on the licensee's birthday. Licenses must be renewed before this date to avoid a $100 late fee. Renewal years are based on the license holder's year of birth (odd or even). RNs must demonstrate either a certain number of hours worked within the two-year renewal period or a specific amount of continuing education hours taken. Continuing education must include at least one hour of pain management training and two hours of cultural competency training.

OnlineU gives details on education and certification requirements for several RN specialties on our How To Become a Neonatal Nurse, How To Become a Pediatric Nurse, or How To Become a Travel Nurse pages.

How To Get an Advanced Practice Nurse License in Oregon

The Oregon State Board of Nursing awards three different types of APRN licenses: nurse practitioner (NP), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), and clinical nurse specialist (CNS). APRN applicants must already have an RN license in Oregon. They must also have completed a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

Finally, applicants need a nursing certification in their chosen specialty from a national certifying body. They'll need to maintain this certification to renew their license every two years. Renewal also requires that APRNs work a certain number of hours or take a set amount of continuing education. This continuing education must contain at least one hour of pain management training and two hours of cultural competency training.

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