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Updated March 10, 2021

There are 10 Nevada schools that offer online nursing programs, including the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and the University of Nevada Reno. Both offer online nursing degrees at the graduate level and have NCLEX pass rates over 95%. RNs licensed by the state of Nevada must finish 30 hours of continuing education requirements every two years in order to renew their license.

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Find an Online Degree:

Comprehensive List of Online Nursing Schools in Nevada

School Annual Tuition NCLEX Pass Rate Locations
# Chamberlain College of Nursing $19,638 88.32% Multiple Locations
# College of Southern Nevada $10,842 85.86% Las Vegas
# Great Basin College $10,603 100.0% Elko
# Nevada State College $18,162 95.36% Henderson
# Pima Medical Institute $11,506 76.83% Multiple Locations
# Roseman University $28,359 92.02% Henderson
# Touro University Nevada $47,538 93.44% Henderson
# University of Nevada - Reno $23,086 93.39% Reno
# University of Nevada at Las Vegas $23,342 94.27% Las Vegas
# University of Phoenix $9,552 90.0% Nationwide

Becoming a Nurse in Nevada

The Nevada State Board of Nursing issues licenses for nurses to practice as Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. The board also recognizes Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) by providing them with certificates. Applications for each of these licenses can be made through the board's online Nevada Nurse Portal.

Before applying, prospective nurses can begin by attending a nursing program in Nevada. In addition to its warm climate and internationally renowned attractions, Nevada has other incentives to tempt aspiring nurses. For example, the Nevada Nurses Association provides members with up-to-date information, ongoing learning opportunities and a strong sense of community.

How to Get Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification in Nevada

A Nevada CNA certificate can be granted to individuals who want to assist patients under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse. To qualify for certification in this field, candidates should start by completing an educational program that will acquaint them with important skills such as communication, personal care procedures, safety and infection control and exercise and nutrition. Upon completing this kind of program, an applicant will be ready to apply for a Nevada CNA certificate.

There are two methods by which a candidate can qualify for a Nevada CNA license. The first is to pass the nursing aide competency exam administered by Prometric. A passing score on this written test will be recognized by the state of Nevada. The state also issues licenses by endorsement at its discretion; this is appropriate for CNAs who have already have a license or certificate in another state. An application fee also applies to Nevada CNA certification. Candidates qualifying either by examination or endorsement will be required to pay $50 at the time of application. Candidates for certification by endorsement must pay an additional $25 in order to have their CNA certificate verified.

Renewing a CNA certificate is simple. Like for the initial application, candidates should submit their requests directly through the Nevada Nurse Portal. An application fee of $50 applies for renewal, and applicants must demonstrate that they have completed at least 24 hours of continuing education credits.

How to Get a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) License in Nevada

In order to qualify as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the state, LPN candidates should begin by earning a certificate of achievement in a board-approved education program. As with the other types of Nevada nursing licenses, an LPN license can then be obtained in one of two ways. First, there is licensure by examination. This method requires applicants to take the NCLEX-PN and receive a passing score in order to be eligible. Second is licensure by endorsement. Applicants considering this avenue to licensure must already possess an LPN from another state or country. The Nevada State Nursing Board can issue an equivalent Nevada LPN license at its discretion.

When applying online via the Nevada Nurse Portal, applicants will need to submit personal information, such as a criminal background report and official school transcripts. They will also need to pay an application fee. The amount is $90 for candidates applying for licensure by examination. Candidates applying under the licensure by endorsement provisions will need to add on $5 to account for a mandatory national database check, for a total of $95.

Renewing an expired LPN license in Nevada must also be done through the state's website. The renewal fee is $100. LPNs seeking license renewal must also prove that they have completed 30 hours of continuing education credits in order to be approved.

How to Get a Registered Nurse (RN) License in Nevada

Aspiring RNs in Nevada must complete an approved educational program. For most applicants, this involves seeking an associate's degree at the minimum. When this has been accomplished, there are two ways to qualify for a Nevada RN license. First, a candidate can apply for licensure by examination. This involves receiving a passing score on the NCLEX. The second option is to apply for licensure by endorsement. This method is appropriate for nurses who are already registered in another state or country and would like to receive an equivalent license in Nevada.

All applications should be submitted through the Nevada Nurse Portal. This is a secure online system where aspiring nurses can apply for licensure, check their licensure status and even apply for license renewal. Applicants will be expected to disclose any previous criminal charges, submit to fingerprinting and pay an application fee before they will be granted a Nevada nursing license. For RNs qualifying by taking the NCLEX, that fee is $100. The fee increases to $105 for applicants seeking RN licensure by endorsement in order to include a $5 fee for a national database check.

Renewing a Nevada RN license requires nurses to apply online via the Nevada Nurse Portal. An application fee of $100 will be assessed when the application is submitted, and nurses are also required to demonstrate that they have completed 30 hours of continuing education credits.

How to Get an Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN) License in Nevada

The prerequisites for an advanced practice registered nurse license in Nevada are complex, owing to the more sophisticated type of work in which an APRN is typically engaged. First, applicants must start by maintaining a registered nurse license. Applicants must have a master's degree or higher in their chosen role and must be certified by the national certifying board for that role.

Candidates for this type of Nevada nursing license should apply online via the Nevada Nurse Portal. At the time of application, candidates will also need to determine what type of specialization they will choose. Options include registering as a certified nurse practitioner (CNP), certified nurse midwife (CNM) and clinical nurse specialist (CNS). Depending on the type of specialization one chooses, the Nevada APRN license application fee can range anywhere from $200 to $305.

Renewing an advanced practice nurse license is also done on the state's website. The renewal fee is either $200 or $300, depending on the type of Nevada APRN license being renewed. Renewal requirements for this type of license are especially stringent. Nurses must demonstrate completion of 45 hours of continuing education. These credits should include a course providing instruction with regard to the dispensation and prescription of medication. Additionally, nurses holding Nevada APRN licensure are required to maintain a professional portfolio.

This website offers school details to prospective students as an informational resource. The appearance of a school listing on this website should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the school by this site.

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