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Online MBA Programs in Washington

By James Holbrook | Updated 12/27/2022

Over the past decade, Washington State’s economy and population have grown substantially. The labor market in the birthplace of tech giant Microsoft and entrepreneurial giants Amazon and Starbucks continues to expand. Along with this growth comes the demand for MBA graduates to fill executive and managerial positions. Online MBA programs allow working professionals to advance their careers or seek opportunities in companies that value an advanced degree.

This page highlights AACSB and ACBSP-accredited online MBA programs in Washington and provides information about job outlook for MBA program graduates in the state.

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AACSB & ACBSP-Accredited Online MBA Programs in Washington

School Annual Tuition Recommend Rate Program Accreditation
City University of Seattle $11,812 58% (76 reviews) ACBSP
Northwest University $19,055 100% (16 reviews) ACBSP
University of Phoenix $16,453 61% (1355 reviews) ACBSP
Washington State University $28,190 86% (118 reviews) AACSB

MBAs in Washington

Earning your Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Washington can lead to a lucrative, long-lasting career. Most of the MBA schools in Washington state have either 100% online programs or hybrid programs that blend distance education with in-person courses. They offer courses such as Leadership Development, Marketing Strategy, Competitive & Company Strategy, and Decision Support Models. These courses provide an understanding of leadership, the skills to be productive and effective, and a knowledge of the industry tools and best practices.

Washington state MBA programs provide students with the fundamental business concepts, skills, and tools to succeed in a competitive field. These programs can usually be completed in two to three years with a full-time schedule, and there are also accelerated MBA programs available. The first year of these master's programs focuses on more general information about business and its individual specialization, allowing graduate students to gear their classes toward their career objectives. In their second year, students working on an online MBA in Washington can narrow their focus to their desired area of specialization. This is usually when students will take ethics and macroeconomics courses.

If you are a professional with significant work experience, you may be interested in checking out our list of the best executive MBA programs online.


MBA Programs in Washington state may offer their own scholarships or grants, as well as provide guidance to find loans, grants and other financial aid opportunities. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that 98% of graduates from an MBA program pay off their student loans within the first two years after graduation, so graduate loans can be a good way to fund your studies. 

Specialization-based scholarships, such as the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program — which focuses on anti-fraud MBA students — and demographic-based scholarships, such as the National Black MBA Association’s Collegiate Partnership Program, can also aid students in their pursuit of Washington MBA programs.

MBA Graduate Jobs in Washington

Washington is the best state for MBA graduate employment, according to ZipRecruiter. In the same vein, the (BLS) reports that overall unemployment in Washington is 3.7%, which is equal to the national rate. This data also reports that business-related fields have seen a growth in the past 12 months, including a 9.3% increase in the information sector and 5.1% in the professional/business sector.

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in a nearby state, see our pages on California, Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada.

MBA Salary in Washington

While the national salary for MBA graduates stands at $81,404, the average salary for MBA graduates in Washington state is higher at $93.943. To provide a clearer picture of specific job opportunities in Washington, HR specialists make an annual average of $83,940, while project managers make $120,800, management analysts make $144,730, and budget analysts make $86,720.

Types of MBAs to Consider


An MBA in Accounting focuses on cost management, auditing, tax planning, managerial accounting and business strategy. Graduates of these programs may work as corporate or public accountants, auditors, business analysts, tax planners, and account managers.


An MBA in Finance focuses on financial planning, cost-benefit analysis, emerging markets, management information systems, and supply chain management. Graduates may work as financial analysts, cash managers, credit managers, financial planners, and risk managers.

Healthcare Management

An MBA in Management focuses on the health sector's economics; health systems management; healthcare law, policy, and economics; as well as biopharmaceutical and medical device strategy. Graduates may work in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, insurance companies, long-term care facilities, and pharmaceutical companies.

Human Resources

An MBA in Human Resources focuses on organizational cultures, persuasive communication, conflict management, strategy process, and management consulting. Graduates may work as senior-level managers, company executives, and directors or work in fields such as human resources or payroll management.

Information Systems

An MBA in Information Systems focuses on advanced IT software and hardware skills, network administration, information systems design, and database systems. Graduates may work in IT strategies, corporate management, systems consultation, or an upper management position that oversees information technologies, telecommunications, and databases.

International Business

An MBA in International Business focuses on global economics, accounting, global strategy, and international corporate finance. Graduates may work as consultants, business analysts, financial analysts, market research assistants, and market analysts.


An MBA in Management focuses on employee motivation, ethical decision-making, business law, and workplace security. Graduates may work in virtually any industry as executives, supervisors, and managers.


An MBA in Marketing focuses on marketing management, marketing channel strategies, forecasting, modeling, and brand and product promotion management. Graduates may work in retail, IT, business consulting, entertainment management, and independent consulting.

Organizational Leadership

An MBA in Organizational Leadership focuses on financial reporting, marketing management, data analysis, communication, coaching, and ethics. Graduates may work as sales directors, HR directors, project team leaders, human resources directors, organizational management consultants, and executive coaches.

Public Administration

An MBA in Public Administration focuses on business relations, public budgeting, enterprise management, public service ethics, public policy, and research methods. Graduates may work as police chiefs, prison wardens, court clerks, and tax assessors.

Technology Management

An MBA in Technology Management focuses on database management, data management, managerial economics, cost and operations of market, and technical innovations. Graduates may work as chief technology officers, information systems managers, computer systems analysts, and other high-level technology-related positions.

This website offers school details to prospective students as an informational resource. The appearance of a school listing on this website should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the school by this site.

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