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Online MBA Programs in Texas

By the OnlineU team | Updated 11/6/2023

Online MBA programs in Texas are designed to give students a broad education in business management, which is why they typically include courses in strategy, leadership, accounting, finance, and operations management. 

By the OnlineU team | Updated 11/6/2023

Online MBA programs in Texas are designed to give students a broad education in business management, which is why they typically include courses in strategy, leadership, accounting, finance, and operations management. 

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Online MBA Programs in Texas

Texas is known for being a great place to live and work. Its strong workforce, focus on innovation, and excellent education system have all contributed to the state's fifth-place spot on CNBC's annual list of Top States for Business. The Lone Star State's continued economic growth in a wide variety of industries, including high-tech manufacturing, banking, technology, energy, chemical production, and biomedicine, creates a wealth of potential job opportunities for Texas MBA graduates.

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) shows that a Master of Business Administration is the most popular master's degree. Prospective Texas students who want to pursue an advanced degree in business can choose from a wide selection of MBAs, including traditional on-campus and online options in many areas of specialization. 

Like their counterparts in other states, MBA programs in Texas typically require the completion of 30-36 credit hours. Students who attend school full time often finish their degree in two years, while those who study only part time may need three to five years to fulfill all of the graduation requirements. To graduate more quickly, some students opt for accelerated MBA programs or executive MBA programs that cater to business professionals with at least five years of experience.

Applicants seeking MBAs must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, but the degree does not necessarily have to be in business. Texas business schools accept many non-business majors into their MBA programs as long as candidates can explain why they want to earn an advanced degree in business. Some schools may require applicants to show high GMAT or GRE scores, and some may require applicants to have several years of work experience.

If you'd like to focus on one particular aspect of business or on a specific industry, you may want to select a program with a concentration.

Learn more about MBA programs with concentrations by exploring our guides to MBAs in Accounting, MBAs in Human Resources, MBAs in Finance, MBAs in International Business, and MBAs in Technology Management

How To Choose an Online MBA Program in Texas

Texas-based schools offer quality, accredited MBA programs, so you should evaluate each option in the context of your personal circumstances and goals. The following are some general factors to consider that may help you select the ideal MBA program for your needs.


If you want to make sure you're getting a quality education, you'll want to choose an accredited college or university. Institutional accreditation assures you that all of a school's programs, faculty, and other resources have been reviewed by an independent agency and proven to meet high standards for academic rigor. The best online MBA programs in Texas will probably also have earned programmatic accreditation from one or more of the following MBA accrediting bodies:

Program Specifics

Many online MBA programs feature specialized courses that form a concentration in a particular aspect of business or a specific industry. Alternatively, some programs offer a wide range of electives that allow you to customize your MBA. In either case, you'll want to select a program designed to equip you with the exact knowledge and skills that will help you achieve your career goals. Additionally, check to make sure the program's online format, which may include predominantly asynchronous or synchronous courses, works with your schedule.

Student Resources

A quality online MBA program should provide support services that assist you throughout your time in the program and long after. For example, your school should have academic advisors to help you select the best courses for your goals, and it should provide a career development center with counselors who can help you with job hunting, resume writing, and interview practice. You may also want to look for a school that has a strong alumni association — either for the entire school or just the MBA program — whose members are willing to serve as mentors and professional connections.

MBA Jobs in Texas

As one of the top-ranking states for business with a skilled workforce of more than 14.5 million workers, Texas offers numerous job opportunities for MBA graduates. The state is home to a wide range of industries and businesses of all sizes and is particularly known for the following areas of expertise: advanced manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, biotechnology, energy, information technology, petroleum refining, chemical production, creative services, and business services.

Specifically, MBA holders in Texas may be able to establish careers at one of the 54 Fortune 500 companies headquartered here. Well-known names on this prestigious list include Exxon Mobil, AT&T, Sysco, Caterpillar, Oracle, American Airlines, and Charles Schwab. Other notable employers in Texas include Tyson Foods, Medtronic, and Tenet Healthcare.

Our recent analysis of MBA employment data highlights additional opportunities for Texas-based business professionals. Amazon, the leading recruiter of MBA grads, has 28 distribution centers in Texas. Other top recruiters located in Texas are Lockheed Martin, which operates a fighter jet manufacturing plant in Fort Worth; Fidelity Brokerage Services, with 16 branches across the state; and Abbot Laboratories, which has a facility in Austin that specializes in neuromodulation.

MBA Salary in Texas

When you compare a sampling of managerial-level salaries in Texas with managerial-level salaries across the nation, you can see that annual salaries are often lower in the Lone Star State. However, the cost of living score in Texas is 94.2, which is well below the national index of 100. Lower costs on essentials like housing and groceries may help make up for the lower salaries for Texas residents.

Comparing Top Management Occupation Salaries

MBA Job Outlook in Texas

With such a strong business climate in the state, it's not surprising that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is projecting a bright job outlook for Texans through 2030. Although many of the following high-growth occupations in Texas do not require an advanced degree, job applicants with an MBA may be viewed as better-qualified candidates.

Top Management Occupations in Texas

FAQs About Online MBA Programs in Texas

Do Employers Take Online MBAs Seriously?

Yes, in today's work environment, employers take online MBAs seriously. Most hiring managers recognize that MBA students acquire the same advanced knowledge and develop the same skills in an online program as they would in a traditional campus program. As long as job candidates can demonstrate their leadership abilities in their interviews and on their resumes, their online MBAs should be respected.

Do Universities in Texas Offer Online MBAs?

Yes, at least 25 accredited universities in Texas offer online MBAs. By adding online programs to your mix of possible options, you'll have a wider selection of programs to choose from without having to relocate. Another advantage of online MBA programs is their flexibility, enabling working professionals to fit school into their busy schedules. 

How Much Does an MBA Cost in Texas?

It's challenging to pinpoint the cost of a Texas online MBA because annual tuition rates vary. MBA students may be able to minimize expenses by opting for online programs, which are sometimes less expensive than traditional programs, and by applying for various types of financial aid, such as fellowships, grants, student loans, and employer tuition reimbursement programs.

Is an Online MBA in Texas Worth It?

Only you can decide for yourself if completing an online MBA is worth it, but there are three factors that may help you make this decision. One is the return on investment, meaning the financial cost of the degree, including possible student loan interest, as compared to the potential for higher salaries over the course of your career. You should also consider how much the specialized knowledge and networking contacts you gain will help you fulfill your professional goals. 

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