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List of Accredited Online Master's Degree Programs

By OnlineU Staff Writers | Updated 3/23/2023

Master's degrees are incredibly helpful — and even vital in some cases — when it comes to increasing your expertise in a specific field and advancing your career. Online master's degrees make it easier and more accessible for busy, working professionals as they can often access the program at their own pace. Obtaining an online degree is usually a cheaper option than attending classes on a physical campus, which requires a host of other associated costs, such as housing and transportation.Below, we've provided an index of all our online master's degree programs that range from MBAs and MPAs to MSWs, and everything in between. Explore all of the best options available to pursue your master's degree online.

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a Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Accounting 301 560 $60,410
Aerospace Engineering 35 65 $90,020
b Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Biology 65 116 $41,590
c Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Chemical Engineering 16 28 $76,990
Child Development 53 75 $43,190
Civil Engineering 58 123 $72,070
Clinical Psychology 42 63 $46,460
Communications 230 544 $52,820
Computer Engineering 53 96 $99,440
Computer Science 155 340 $88,310
Conflict Resolution 27 37 $49,710
Counseling 234 593 $42,710
Counseling Psychology 59 83 $46,460
Creative Writing 39 58 $38,460
Criminal Justice 232 488 $50,320
Cybersecurity 213 428 Not reported
d Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Data Science 168 275 Not reported
e Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Early Childhood Education 171 306 $47,600
Economics 46 73 $73,120
Education 822 5,376 $51,910
Educational Leadership 449 884 $56,370
Electrical Engineering 70 148 $97,790
Elementary Education 188 352 $47,600
Emergency Management 78 139 $68,400
Engineering Management 120 232 $91,560
English 131 209 $42,600
Environmental Science 136 298 $51,840
ESL 157 207 $53,560
Exercise Science 70 117 $43,390
f Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Finance 306 516 $79,940
Forensic Psychology 19 41 $46,460
Forensic Science 51 107 $50,320
h Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Health Education 159 213 $54,960
Healthcare Administration 395 758 $64,490
Healthcare Informatics 158 270 $73,440
Healthcare Management 387 654 $64,490
History 71 96 $40,060
Homeland Security 100 230 $68,940
Human Resources 268 482 $60,780
Human Services 167 373 $43,230
i Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Industrial Engineering 42 71 $84,080
Information Technology 244 635 $85,980
l Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Library Science 103 208 $43,400
m Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Management 749 3,240 $77,290
Marketing 279 440 $63,150
Marriage & Family Therapy 41 78 $42,710
MBA (Accelerated) 689 3,471 $77,290
Mechanical Engineering 57 93 $85,320
MFA 27 67 $30,260
MSW 128 242 Not reported
n Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Nurse Practitioner (NP) 190 359 $96,070
Nursing 456 1,746 $96,070
Nutrition 115 184 $46,500
o Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Organizational Leadership 509 1,256 $77,290
p Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Physical Education 82 130 $43,390
Physician Assistant 4 5 $100,200
Political Science 36 67 $65,570
Project Management 176 326 $77,290
Psychology 206 482 $45,440
Public Administration 300 794 $57,390
Public Health 225 525 $54,960
r Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Religious Studies 180 960 $44,730
RN to MSN 77 176 $96,070
s Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
School Counseling 98 127 $44,760
Secondary Education 158 310 $47,600
Software Engineering 65 98 $99,440
Special Education 344 787 $52,310
Speech Pathology 14 15 $55,620
Sports Management 194 328 $44,000
Statistics 35 52 $89,330
Substance Abuse Counseling 53 70 $42,710
Supply Chain Management 142 200 $77,290
Systems Engineering 72 155 $104,300
t Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Teaching 451 1,429 $49,050
Theology 94 217 $45,170
w Online Schools Programs Alumni Salary
Web Design 15 16 $78,320
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Overview: Online Master's Degrees

Can You Get a Graduate Degree Online?

Yes, you can earn a master's degree online. An accredited online master's degree demonstrates advanced knowledge of a particular subject and can carry the same prestige as an in-person degree. More than 580 accredited colleges offer fully online master's programs in over 100 disciplines, and the number of online degree programs continues to grow as technology steadily improves. In fact, in the fall of 2019, 33% of all postbaccalaureate students took courses exclusively online, including master's and doctoral students. Interestingly, enrollment in online master's programs outpaces bachelor’s programs.

An accredited online master's degree demonstrates advanced knowledge of a particular subject and can carry the same prestige as an in-person degree.

How Long Does It Take To Complete an Online Master's Program?

A master's program is designed to take students 1.5-2 years of full-time study whether it's completed in-person or online. Some colleges — mostly for-profit schools — offer accelerated programs requiring 5-6 eight-week terms each year. However, working students may prefer to enroll part-time, which could take three years or more.

Most master's programs are worth 30-60 credits, with full-time students completing 12-15 credits per term. Master's programs don't take as much time to complete as undergraduate degrees because no core courses are required.

Master’s Degree Quick Facts
  • Typical time to completion: 1.5 - 2 years
  • Typical credits needed: 30 - 60

Online vs. In-Person Master's Programs

Whereas in-person master's programs require attending a physical campus, online degrees can be acquired through e-learning platforms. These digital classes are often asynchronous, allowing participants to watch pre-recorded lectures, post in discussion forums, and complete assignments around their busy schedules.

While online learning can provide convenience, the main benefit of a traditional campus program is direct engagement with classmates and faculty. These relationships may lead to career-boosting opportunities. On the other hand, online study can prepare you for remote work, an increasing trend in many sectors of the economy.

Importantly, all regionally accredited master's programs — whether in-person or online — provide a high level of academic quality in their curriculum. A regionally accredited school has been evaluated by authorities to meet the nationally accepted educational standards via a rigorous peer-review process, and this stamp of approval is especially crucial for online learners because it signals a degree’s credibility to potential employers. Students should check if their school’s accreditation is recognized by the Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs.

Is an Online Master's Degree Worth It?

The decision to enroll in an online master's degree program should be based on your personal, financial, and career goals. Consider the following factors:

Experience more choices without relocating

You may choose from online programs nationwide without spending the time, money, and energy that's required to physically move. From the comfort of your home, you can attend the top schools in your field.

Potentially increase your earnings

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a master’s degree make almost $13,000 more annually than a graduate with only a bachelor’s degree and also experience the lowest unemployment rates.

Build skills in your niche to increase leadership capacity

Not only can you learn industry-specific skills in a master’s program, but you can also learn organizational leadership, such as how to make strategic business decisions. By focusing on a specialization within your field of study, you become an expert in your field when you complete an advanced degree.

Median weekly earnings for bachelor's degree holders versus master's degree holders

Conversely, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. Earning your master's can be challenging and time-consuming because advanced classes are often complex and demanding. In an online environment, you may find support lacking, especially compared to the strength of in-person peer and faculty groups. Additionally, acquiring a master's degree may cause you to incur more debt, depending on your career path. The Education Data Initiative reports that the average debt among master's degree holders is $71,287, which is almost twice as much debt as graduates who only hold a bachelor's degree.

Are Online Master's Degrees Respected?

Even before the remote learning boom that occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers were increasingly accepting of online degrees. In 2018, Northeastern University conducted a study that showed how a solid majority of HR leaders already believed that online learning was of equal quality to traditional degrees. In fact, 71% of these recruiters claimed that they had recently hired someone with an online degree or credential.

Accreditation is the key factor in determining whether prospective employers will value and respect your online master's degree. We list accreditation information for all colleges on our site. However, unless you attend an exclusively online college, your employer may not even know you earned your degree online. For example, many colleges don't distinguish between online and traditional education programs in either their transcripts or diplomas.

Applying to Online Master's Programs

Although schools have varying admission procedures, some requirements remain consistent across the board. For example, applicants typically need to complete their bachelor’s degree before joining a master’s program. Prospective students usually submit the following to their school’s admission office to attend a master’s degree program in any given field:

Official undergraduate transcripts from the applicant’s alma mater that convey a minimum GPA that varies across schools but usually ranges from 3.0-3.5 (an additional review process may be warranted for lower GPAs)

Letters of recommendation from professors or managers

Essay or statement of purpose about the applicant’s goals

Resume detailing relevant professional experience

GRE test scores within a given range, which is typically 310-315

Nonrefundable application fee, often ranging from $75-100

Students should verify the admission requirements of their chosen schools prior to applying.

How Much Does an Online Master's Degree Cost?

Earning an online master's degree can be a more affordable route than a traditional advanced degree, whether you attend a nonprofit college or private institution. Many schools charge online students a flat tuition rate regardless of their residency status. However, the cost of an online master's program varies according to the chosen discipline and school. Annual tuition rates range from approximately $7,000-$57,000 on our rankings list of the master's degrees with the highest return on investment.

In addition to tuition and related fees, it may be helpful to consider future earnings. Our ROI scores can help you weigh a program's upfront cost against the likelihood that it will pay off in the long run. The scores show that a more expensive higher education doesn't necessarily lead to greater earning potential mid-career. For example, the second- and third-ranked schools on the master's degree list cost less than the fourth- and fifth-ranked schools.

Although tuition makes up the most significant percentage of total college costs accrued, schools charge students a range of other expenses. Online learners are often expected to pay technology fees. On the other hand, they save money by avoiding moving expenses as well as on-campus costs, such as room and board. Financial aid can lower the total cost of graduate school and leave you with lower student debt. Online learners usually qualify for the same financial aid programs as on-campus students, but you should verify each program's eligibility requirements.

This website offers school details to prospective students as an informational resource. The appearance of a school listing on this website should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the school by this site.

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