2021 Best Online Master's Programs

Colleges with the Highest Return on Investment

By Diana Zaremba | Updated October 6, 2020

Using student salary and debt data from the government, we have developed the first online master's program rankings that showcase the colleges and universities with the best return on investment (ROI). For each online master's degree program, we calculated an ROI percentile by comparing the 10-year ROI value against the average for similar programs. The schools with the highest average percentile that also offer online master's programs in at least three different subject areas were ranked on our list. Of the master's programs offered at these ranked schools, those with ROIs in the highest percentiles are most commonly offered in the subjects of business, computer science, and education.

View our methodology for more details. We’ve also published an appendix that lists all of the program salaries and debt figures for these ranked schools.

Popular Online Master's Programs

Students pursuing an accredited online master's program can browse our thorough list of options, including 579 colleges and 17,122 degree programs. The following comprehensive list of online master's programs includes accredited programs in fields like accounting, computer science, healthcare administration, management, nursing, and nutrition, and outlines how many online programs are available in each field of study.

Best Online Master's Programs Highlights

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