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2023 Best Online Accelerated Accounting Degrees

By the OnlineU team | Updated 11/4/2022

An online bachelor's degree in accounting looks at various components of money management, auditing, and accounting principles. Students will be tasked with understanding financial risk, tax law, and bookkeeping — among other accounting principles. Some degrees offer concentrations in specific areas of accounting, such as forensic accounting, where students learn to monitor and analyze illegal financial activity. 

Accounting degrees can also be accelerated, allowing for a quicker graduation time. This often includes condensed courses, a higher credit-transfer rate, or dual degrees that fit into one curriculum. The online accounting degrees found below can all be taken at an accelerated pace. 

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List Of Accredited Online Schools

School Online Enrollment Salary Score Median Starting Salary
The University of West Florida 4,345 4,345 22 22 $41,772 $41,772
Herzing University 2,960 14 $39,469
California Baptist University 2,335 38 $45,538
Regis University 2,001 72 $52,346
Bemidji State University 1,343 50 $47,810
The College of Saint Scholastica 1,062 46 $47,162
Bethel University - MN 962 76 $53,484
Mississippi College 785 28 $43,337
DeSales University 702 47 $47,378
McKendree University 460 62 $50,274
Walsh University 394 49 $47,636
University of Maine at Presque Isle 313 NA NA
Pittsburgh Technical College 211 NA NA
University of Saint Mary 182 NA NA

Herzing University

  • Salary Score: 14
  • Median Starting Salary: $39,469
  • Locations: Multiple Locations
  • Accreditation: HLC

Herzing University (Herzing) is a private institution with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting requiring, 122 credit hours. This program can generally be completed in 36 months while studying full time with sufficient transfer credits. The acceptance rate for Herzing is 93%, and the graduation rate is 54%.

Students at Herzing use Canvas to access their fully online coursework. They have options to transfer up to 91 credits to accelerate the graduation process. The curriculum of Herzing's accounting degree focuses on auditing, cost accounting, financial accounting, and taxation. Core classes include Computerized Accounting, Principles of Microeconomics, and Auditing. A 3-credit capstone project and an additional 3-credit internship are also required. Graduates become eligible to pursue careers as public accountants, tax examiners, and internal auditors.

The University of West Florida

  • Salary Score: 22
  • Median Starting Salary: $41,772
  • Locations: Pensacola (FL)
  • Accreditation: SACS COC

The University of West Florida (UWF) has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Accounting. This online program requires 120 credit hours, which may be completed in 24 to 48 months with sufficient transfer credits while studying full time. UWF's acceptance rate is 58%. They have a similar graduation rate of 52%.

UWF students use Canvas as their learning management system (LMS). Students can complete the accounting degree program online and on a flexible schedule. The curriculum prepares students to take the Florida Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam by teaching accounting fundamentals alongside the study of management topics. Core classes include Managerial Finance, Cost Accounting, and Introduction to Business Analytics. Career opportunities include budget analyst, auditor, and accountant.

California Baptist University

  • Salary Score: 38
  • Median Starting Salary: $45,538
  • Locations: Riverside (CA)
  • Accreditation: WSCUC

California Baptist University (CBU) is a private Christian university with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. This degree requires the completion of 72 major credits in addition to general education credits. On average, students complete the major requirements in 36 months while studying full time. The acceptance rate for CBU is 80%, with 61% of students graduating with their degrees.

Curriculog is CBU's primary LMS, where students can complete coursework virtually. The curriculum teaches the overarching components of economics, finance, business law, and marketing. Core classes include Cost Accounting, Federal Income Tax, and Auditing, as well as Overview of the Bible. Students who graduate from this program can seek employment as public accountants, internal auditors, and corporate accountants.

Regis University

  • Salary Score: 72
  • Median Starting Salary: $52,346
  • Locations: Denver (CO)
  • Accreditation: HLC

Regis University (Regis) is a private university offering a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. There are 120 required credit hours, with students generally taking up to four years to graduate if they maintain a full-time schedule. They offer five- and eight-week accelerated courses online. Students also have the option to apply for the FastForward program in order to combine their bachelor's and master's degrees. Regis has a 78% acceptance rate, along with a 59% graduation rate.

Regis students use Brightspace as their LMS, and the online curriculum for this program covers ethical accounting and features the latest financial technology as well as accounting practices. Some core classes include Principles of Accounting, Accounting Ethics, and Business Law. Graduates may go on to explore careers as certified public accountants, auditors, and forensic accountants.

Bemidji State University

  • Salary Score: 50
  • Median Starting Salary: $47,810
  • Locations: Bemidji (MN)
  • Accreditation: HLC

Bemidji State University (Bemidji State) has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, requiring 120 credits. They offer a two-year rotating schedule; however, the degree as a whole is usually completed in four years while studying full time. Students also have the option of taking more classes per semester to accelerate their completion time. Bemidji State's acceptance rate is 69%, while its graduation rate sits at 50%.

Students at Bemidji State utilize Brightspace for this fully online degree program. Some classes are completed synchronously, depending on professors' preferences. The curriculum, as a whole, delves into the foundational studies of accounting along with business fundamentals. Core classes include Cost Accounting, Business Law, and Business Statistics. Career opportunities range from becoming a certified public accountant to an auditor.

The College of Saint Scholastica

  • Salary Score: 46
  • Median Starting Salary: $47,162
  • Locations: Duluth (MN)
  • Accreditation: HLC

The College of Saint Scholastica (CSS) is a private Catholic Benedictine institution offering a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. This degree requires 128 credit hours, which full-time students can complete in two to three years with the proper transfer credits. The acceptance rate at CSS is 73%, and they have a similar graduation rate of 72%.

At CSS, students use Brightspace for their hybrid virtual and online classes. The program's curriculum prepares students for the CPA and Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exams by teaching fundamental accounting principles and decision-making skills for various business situations. Core classes include Financial Management, Principles of Microeconomics, and Cost Accounting. Students who graduate are eligible to explore accounting positions with corporate businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

DeSales University

  • Salary Score: 47
  • Median Starting Salary: $47,378
  • Locations: Center Valley (PA)
  • Accreditation: MSCHE

DeSales University (DSU) is a private university with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Forensic Accounting. This program requires 120 credit hours — 75 of which are transferable for an accelerated graduation pace. DSU has an 82% acceptance rate alongside a 61% graduation rate.

Students at DSU use Blackboard's LMS for their 100% online and flexible courses. This degree's curriculum covers the financial structures of business, federal income tax law, and the philosophy of auditing. Core classes feature Corporate Financial Reporting, Strategic Cost Management, and Federal Income Taxation. DSU's accounting program offers two different tracks: (1) Data Analytics and (2) Forensic Accounting. Depending on your preferred concentration, career opportunities include forensic accountant, data analyst, and corporate accountant.

University of Maine at Presque Isle

  • Salary Score: NA
  • Locations: Presque Isle (ME)
  • Accreditation: NECHE

The University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI) is a public university offering a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Overall, 120 credits are required, and the process of earning these can take full-time students as little as 12 months to complete if they submit prior college credits. Students can also take courses through YourPace, the school's competency-based scheduling program. UMPI's acceptance rate is 99%, while its graduation rate rests at 44%.

Students at UMPI utilize Brightspace for their coursework, which is flexible and 100% online. The program is designed to ensure students have a strategic understanding of the role that accounting plays in the business environment. UMPI also has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Accounting and a Bachelor of Liberal Studies - Accounting — the latter of which offers accounting as a minor instead of a concentration. For the BA in accounting, core classes include Managerial Accounting, Business Law, and Business Analytics. Graduates may go on to explore accounting, auditing, and financial roles.

Bethel University - MN

  • Salary Score: 76
  • Median Starting Salary: $53,484
  • Locations: Saint Paul (MN)
  • Accreditation: HLC

Bethel University (Bethel) is a private, Christian college offering a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. This degree requires 122 credits, which students may finish in around 26 months while studying full time and submitting up to 60 transfer credits. The acceptance rate at Bethel is 87%, with 71% of students graduating.

Bethel students use Moodle for their remote coursework, which they can finish entirely online. The curriculum teaches business knowledge and management skills as they relate to accounting roles in various industries. Core classes include Management Information Systems, Corporate Auditing, Business Law, and two Christian-based courses. Alumni are qualified to apply for accounting roles in business and government sectors.

McKendree University

  • Salary Score: 62
  • Median Starting Salary: $50,274
  • Locations: Lebanon (IL)
  • Accreditation: HLC

McKendree University (McK) is a private institution offering a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. It requires 76 major credits in accounting, which students can complete via flexible, eight-week course formats, with most students taking two courses at a time. The acceptance rate at McK is 70%. They have a 56% graduation rate.

McK students use Brightspace as their LMS, where they can study all the material online at their own pace while balancing work and home life. The curriculum explores accounting, business, economics, marketing, and management — with core classes including Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, and Business Ethics. Job opportunities range from tax planning and personal finance to auditing roles.

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