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2023 Best Online Community Colleges in Wisconsin

By OnlineU Staff | Updated 12/30/2022
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Of the 85 colleges and universities in Wisconsin, 17 are community colleges, technical colleges, or vocational schools. Many of these colleges offer online associate degrees, as well as online diplomas and certificates. 

Associate degree programs can often be completed in about two years — and diplomas and certificates even less — making these educational options a good choice for those who want to quickly develop new skills and move into the job market. In addition to being affordable and accessible, community college programs are often designed to align with the state's workforce needs. There are many online programs available that may equip graduates to assume one of Wisconsin's "hot jobs," such as software developer, operations manager, HR specialist, or social and human service assistant.

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2023 Best Online Associate Degrees in  Badge
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2023 Best Online Community Colleges in Wisconsin

RankSchool Salary Score Median Starting Salary
# 1 #1 Madison Area Technical College 80 80 $41,996
# 2 #2 Rasmussen University Online 67 $46,191
# 3 #3 Lakeshore Technical College 65 $42,092
# 4 #4 Western Technical College - WI 61 $41,253
# 5 #5 Milwaukee Area Technical College 60 $38,697
# 6 #6 Chippewa Valley Technical College 60 $44,433
# 7 #7 Fox Valley Technical College 58 $38,001
# 8 #8 Southwest Wisconsin Technical College 55 $42,562
# 9 #9 Northeast Wisconsin Technical College 54 $38,438
# 10 #10 Gateway Technical College 52 $39,350

#1 Madison Area Technical College

  • Salary Score: 80
  • Median Starting Salary: $41,996
  • Locations: Madison
  • Accreditation: HLC

At Madison Area Technical College, which is a public institution, students can pursue one of 20 online associate degrees. Subjects include supply chain management, web software development, early childhood education, marketing, finance, event management, and more. The school has a 43% graduation rate, and most full-time students are able to complete the required 59-69 credit hours to earn an associate degree within two to three years.

Madison College uses the Blackboard platform to deliver its online courses, which may be asynchronous, live streaming, or hybrid. Online students have access to career development services, and they may apply for financial aid, including one of the school's many Madison College Foundation Scholarships.

#2 Rasmussen University Online

  • Salary Score: 67
  • Median Starting Salary: $46,191
  • Locations: Multiple Locations
  • Accreditation: HLC

Rasmussen University Online, which is a private, for-profit institution, has a 43% graduation rate. The school offers more than 50 fully online degree programs at all levels of higher education. Of these options, 15 are online associate degrees in subjects such as business management, health sciences, accounting, criminal justice, marketing, and graphic design. All associate programs require the completion of 90 quarter credits, which many students complete in two to three years.

Rasmussen's online students, who access their courses through the Blackboard learning system, have access to 24/7 technical support, as well as career services, library resources, and academic advising. Online students may apply for financial aid, and some may qualify for one of the school's many scholarships.

#3 Lakeshore Technical College

  • Salary Score: 65
  • Median Starting Salary: $42,092
  • Locations: Cleveland
  • Accreditation: HLC

Lakeshore Technical College (LTC), a public institution, has a graduation rate of 67%. The school offers more than 15 fully online or hybrid associate degree programs. Associate degrees generally require the completion of 60-61 credit hours, and enrollees can opt to study subjects such as digital marketing, health information management, HR administration, supply chain management, quality assurance, and web and software development.

Online students are eligible for various types of financial aid, including federal and state programs and resources provided by LTC. These include COVID Relief Grants, LTC Foundation Scholarships, and Promise Scholarships, which are designed to cover tuition expenses not addressed by other aid.

#4 Western Technical College - WI

  • Salary Score: 61
  • Median Starting Salary: $41,253
  • Locations: La Crosse (and 1 other)
  • Accreditation: HLC

Western Technical College (WTC) is a public institution that offers online associate degrees and diplomas. Associate degrees require the completion of 60 credit hours, while diplomas require only 29-33 credit hours. Students can select from offerings in accounting, business administration, leadership, hospitality, medical administration, and more.

At WTC, students access their online coursework through the Blackboard system. Some applicants may be eligible for credit for prior learning and work experience. All online students may apply for financial aid, and select students may qualify for one of the school's 500 scholarships of up to $2,500. Online students also have access to health, academic, and career advising.

#5 Milwaukee Area Technical College

  • Salary Score: 60
  • Median Starting Salary: $38,697
  • Locations: Milwaukee
  • Accreditation: HLC

Through Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), a public institution, students can earn a variety of online associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Some of the 14 associate degree options include business management, accounting, graphic design, and healthcare services management. These degrees typically require the completion of 60-64 credit hours, which most full-time students accomplish in about two years. Some classes are asynchronous, while others are synchronous, and all courses are delivered through the Blackboard learning system.

Enrollees are eligible for federal- and state-funded financial aid, as well as MATC scholarship programs. These include several aid programs for returning adult students and the MATC Promise, which allows qualified students to complete up to 75 credit hours for free.

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